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About Plant Chromatin State Database

Chromatin is a genome-organizing platform, regulating gene expression, cell division, and differentiation. Genome-wide maps of chromatin states have become a powerful representation of genome annotation and regulatory activity. Currently, publicly available plant epigenomic data sets are emerging quickly. To better decode chromatin states with epigenomic data and discover causal functions hidden in plant chromatin, we integrated public and in-house data sets on diverse epigenetic modifications, defined chromatin states associated with distinct functions, and constructed a plant chromatin state database (PCSD). The discovery and characterization of plant chromatin states may offer insights into the locations and functions of regulatory regions and genes in response to developmental and environmental signals.

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Yue Liu, Tian Tian, Kang Zhang, Qi You, Hengyu Yan, Nannan Zhao, Xin Yi, Wenying Xu, Zhen Su. (2018). PCSD: A plant chromatin state database. Nucleic Acids Research. 46: D1157-D1167. doi:10.1093/nar/gkx919.


2020-01-16: Due to some reason, our Sever will be unavailable sometimes in these two weeks for the maintain. We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by us.
2017-12-28: The "motif analysis" tool for Zea mays is available now.
2017-11-01: The id converter tool is available now.
2017-07-28: The motif analysis tool is available now.
2017-07-23: The BLAST tool is available now.
2017-07-02: A cutoff can be set in SOM maps for GO analysis now.
2017-06-29: The "ADD", "MAX", and "MIN" operations for SOM compare are added now.
2017-06-26: The SOM compare for collected data and custom data is available now.
2017-06-21: The GO analysis is available now.
2017-06-20: The chromatin states for Zea mays are available now.
2017-06-18: The chromatin states for Oryza sativa are available now.
2017-06-10: The SOM analysis tool is available now.
2017-06-08: The SOM search is available now.
2017-06-01: The Epigenetic data search is available now.
2017-05-26: The Plant Chromatin State Database already online.

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