Get DNA in Window (TAIR10/Arabidopsis)

Get DNA for


Note: if you would prefer to get DNA for more than one feature of this track at a time, try the Table Browser using the output format sequence.

Sequence Retrieval Region Options:

Promoter/Upstream by bases
5' UTR
3' UTR
Downstream by bases
One FASTA record per gene.
One FASTA record per region (exon, intron, etc.) with extra bases upstream (5') and extra downstream (3')

Note: if a feature is close to the beginning or end of a chromosome and upstream/downstream bases are added, they may be truncated in order to avoid extending past the edge of the chromosome.

Sequence Formatting Options:

CDS in upper case, UTR in lower case.
All upper case.
All lower case.
Mask repeats: to lower case to N

Note: The "Mask repeats" option applies only to "get DNA", not to "extended case/color options".