UCSC Genome Browser on Arabidopsis TAIR10 Assembly
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chr1:10,734,901-10,784,901 50,001 bp.
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-   Mapping and Sequencing
Base Position
Short Match
-   Genes and Gene Predictions
-   Regulatory element
active RE
putative enhancer
-   Chromatin States
Chromatin state dense
Chromatin state expanded
-   DNA methylation
meDIP-SRX004968 wig
meDIP-SRX004970 wig
meDIP-SRX004971 wig
meDIP-SRX470012 wig
meDIP-SRX470013 wig
-   histone acetylation
H3K23ac-SRX1469144 wig
H3K23ac-SRX1469143 wig
H3K23ac-SRX1044777 wig
H3K23ac-SRX361928 wig
H3K23ac-SRX1011322 wig
H3K14ac-SRX1469119 wig
H3K9ac-SRX1466723 wig
H3K9ac-SRX1469074 wig
H3K9ac-SRX986839 wig
H3K9ac-SRX986841 wig
H3K9ac-SRX986843 wig
H3K27ac-SRX648280 wig
H3K27ac-SRX648276 wig
H3K36ac-SRX1426149 wig
H3K36ac-SRX1426150 wig
H3K56ac-SRX1518745 wig
H4K16ac-SRX1044778 wig
-   histone 3 lysine 36 trimethylation
H3K36me3-SRX1518744 wig
-   histone 3 lysine 4 trimethylation
H3K4me3-SRX1518741 wig
H3K4me3-SRX346160 wig
H3K4me3-SRX346161 wig
H3K4me3-SRX326935 wig
H3K4me3-SRX326944 wig
H3K4me3-SRX986831 wig
H3K4me3-SRX986833 wig
H3K4me3-SRX986835 wig
H3K4me3-SRX986837 wig
H3K4me3-DRX066757 wig
H3K4me3-DRX066772 wig
H3K4me3-DRX066787 wig
H3K4me3-DRX066802 wig
-   histone 3 lysine 4 dimethylation
H3K4me2-DRX066756 wig
H3K4me2-DRX066771 wig
H3K4me2-DRX066786 wig
H3K4me2-DRX066801 wig
H3K4me2-SRX326931 wig
H3K4me2-SRX326939 wig
-   histone 3 lysine 4 monomethylation
H3K4me1-SRX648277 wig
H3K4me1-SRX648278 wig
H3K4me1-DRX066755 wig
H3K4me1-DRX066770 wig
H3K4me1-DRX066785 wig
H3K4me1-DRX066800 wig
-   histone 3 lysine 27 methylation
H3K27me3-SRX853860 wig
H3K27me3-SRX648279 wig
H3K27me3-SRX905134 wig
H3K27me3-SRX648274 wig
H3K27me3-SRX1518743 wig
H3K27me3-SRX346163 wig
H3K27me3-SRX346162 wig
H3K27me1-SRX905130 wig
-   histone variant
H3.3-SRX130301 wig
H3.3-SRX130302 wig
H3.3-SRX130309 wig
H3.3-SRX130310 wig
H3.3-SRX113875 wig
H3.1-SRX130303 wig
H3.1-SRX130304 wig
H3.1-SRX130311 wig
H3.1-SRX130312 wig
H3.1-SRX113876 wig
H2A.Z-SRX1436239 wig
H2A.Z-SRX352376 wig
H2A.X-SRX352375 wig
H2A.W-SRX352374 wig
-   histone 3 lysine 9 methylation
H3K9me1-SRX361945 wig
H3K9me2-SRX361946 wig
H3K9me2-SRX361927 wig
H3K9me2-SRX1011321 wig
H3K9me2-SRX1518742 wig
H3K9me2-SRX145429 wig
H3K9me2-SRX905139 wig
H3K9me2-SRX905140 wig
H3K9me2-DRX066758 wig
H3K9me2-DRX066773 wig
H3K9me2-DRX066788 wig
H3K9me2-DRX066803 wig
H3K9me2-SRX1526953 wig
-   accessible DNA regions
DH-normal_light_condition wig
DH-extended_darkness wig
DH-SRX111004 wig
DH-SRX111005 wig
DH-SRX111006 wig
DH-SRX111007 wig
DH-SRX111008 wig
DH-SRX391967 wig
DH-SRX391968 wig
DH-SRX391971 wig
DH-SRX391959 wig
DH-SRX391960 wig
DH-SRX391961 wig
DH-SRX391962 wig
DH-SRX391963 wig
DH-SRX391964 wig
DH-SRX391966 wig
DH-SRX391965 wig
DH-SRX1096551 wig
DH-SRX391990 wig
DH-SRX1096548 wig
DH-SRX391991 wig
DH-SRX1096549 wig
DH-SRX1096550 wig
DH-SRX391992 wig
DH-SRX1098138 wig
DH-SRX1098137 wig
DH-SRX391994 wig
DH-SRX391993 wig
DH-SRX1098135 wig
DH-SRX1098136 wig
DH-SRX1098134 wig
DH-SRX391995 wig
DH-SRX391996 wig
DH-SRX391997 wig
ATAC-SRX2000801 wig
ATAC-SRX2000799 wig
ATAC-SRX2528908 wig
ATAC-SRX2000800 wig
ATAC-SRX2000802 wig
ATAC-SRX2000806 wig
ATAC-SRX2000805 wig
ATAC-SRX2000803 wig
ATAC-SRX2000804 wig
-   chromatin associated factor
CENH3-SRX2250913 wig
CENH3-SRX2250914 wig
LHP1-SRX1519404 wig
LHP1-SRX1550154 wig
Pol2-SRX1142672 wig
Pol2-SRX1772333 wig
AL5-SRX515067 wig
HDP2-SRX2310526 wig
HDP2-SRX2310525 wig
SDG8-SRX749018 wig
REF6-SRX853858 wig
JMJ14-SRX669383 wig
AtDEK3-SRX488722 wig
PolIV-SRX252954 wig