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Configure Tracks on UCSC Genome Browser: Arabidopsis TAIR10
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-   Mapping and Sequencing    
Base Position Chromosome position in bases. (Clicks here zoom in 3x)
Short Match Perfect Matches to Short Sequence (TATAWAAR)
-   Genes and Gene Predictions    
TAIR Gene TAIR10 gene annotations
-   Chromatin States    
Chromatin state dense Chromatin state dense
Chromatin state expanded Chromatin state expanded
-   DNA methylation    
meDIP-SRX004968 wig meDIP-SRX004968 (SRX004968: Col0_wholeplant_meDIP-seq)
meDIP-SRX004970 wig meDIP-SRX004970 (SRX004970: Colgl_embryo_meDIP-seq)
meDIP-SRX004971 wig meDIP-SRX004971 (SRX004971: Colgl_endopserm_meDIP-seq)
meDIP-SRX470012 wig meDIP-SRX470012 (SRX470012: At_MeDIP_rep1)
meDIP-SRX470013 wig meDIP-SRX470013 (SRX470013: At_MeDIP_rep2)
-   histone acetylation    
H3K23ac-SRX1469144 wig H3K23ac-SRX1469144 (SRX1469144: COL-0 H3K23ac 4 hour air ChIPseq, rep2)
H3K23ac-SRX1469143 wig H3K23ac-SRX1469143 (SRX1469143: COL-0 H3K23ac 4 hour air ChIPseq, rep1)
H3K23ac-SRX1044777 wig H3K23ac-SRX1044777 (SRX1044777: Col-H3K23ac)
H3K23ac-SRX361928 wig H3K23ac-SRX361928 (SRX361928: WT_H3K23ac_ChIP)
H3K23ac-SRX1011322 wig H3K23ac-SRX1011322 (SRX1011322: WT_H3K23ac_ChIP_rep)
H3K14ac-SRX1469119 wig H3K14ac-SRX1469119 (SRX1469119: COL-0 H3K14ac 4 hour air ChIPseq)
H3K9ac-SRX1466723 wig H3K9ac-SRX1466723 (SRX1466723: COL-0 H3K9ac air ChIPseq, rep1)
H3K9ac-SRX1469074 wig H3K9ac-SRX1469074 (SRX1469074: COL-0 H3K9ac air ChIPseq rep2)
H3K9ac-SRX986839 wig H3K9ac-SRX986839 (SRX986839: H3K9ac_30d_ChIP)
H3K9ac-SRX986841 wig H3K9ac-SRX986841 (SRX986841: H3K9ac_34d_ChIP)
H3K9ac-SRX986843 wig H3K9ac-SRX986843 (SRX986843: H3K9ac_42d_ChIP)
H3K27ac-SRX648280 wig H3K27ac-SRX648280 (SRX648280: Ath_buds_H3K27ac)
H3K27ac-SRX648276 wig H3K27ac-SRX648276 (SRX648276: Ath_leaf_H3K27ac)
H3K36ac-SRX1426149 wig H3K36ac-SRX1426149 (SRX1426149: H3K36ac_Col_wt_Rep1)
H3K36ac-SRX1426150 wig H3K36ac-SRX1426150 (SRX1426150: H3K36ac_Col_wt_Rep2)
H3K56ac-SRX1518745 wig H3K56ac-SRX1518745 (SRX1518745: A_thaliana_H3K56ac_chip)
H4K16ac-SRX1044778 wig H4K16ac-SRX1044778 (SRX1044778: Col-H4K16ac)
-   histone 3 lysine 36 trimethylation    
H3K36me3-SRX1518744 wig H3K36me3-SRX1518744 (SRX1518744: A_thaliana_H3K36me3_chip)
-   histone 3 lysine 4 trimethylation    
H3K4me3-SRX1518741 wig H3K4me3-SRX1518741 (SRX1518741: A_thaliana_H3K4me3_chip)
H3K4me3-SRX346160 wig H3K4me3-SRX346160 (SRX346160: At_H3K4me3_rep1)
H3K4me3-SRX346161 wig H3K4me3-SRX346161 (SRX346161: At_H3K4me3_rep2)
H3K4me3-SRX326935 wig H3K4me3-SRX326935 (SRX326935: Col H3K4m3 ChIP (replicate 1))
H3K4me3-SRX326944 wig H3K4me3-SRX326944 (SRX326944: Col H3K4m3 ChIP (replicate 2))
H3K4me3-SRX986831 wig H3K4me3-SRX986831 (SRX986831: H3K4me3_29d_ChIP)
H3K4me3-SRX986833 wig H3K4me3-SRX986833 (SRX986833: H3K4me3_35d_ChIP)
H3K4me3-SRX986835 wig H3K4me3-SRX986835 (SRX986835: H3K4me3_42d_ChIP)
H3K4me3-SRX986837 wig H3K4me3-SRX986837 (SRX986837: H3K4me3_57d_ChIP)
H3K4me3-DRX066757 wig H3K4me3-DRX066757 (DRX066757: WT_H3K4me3_1)
H3K4me3-DRX066772 wig H3K4me3-DRX066772 (DRX066772: WT_H3K4me3_2)
H3K4me3-DRX066787 wig H3K4me3-DRX066787 (DRX066787: WT_H3K4me3_A)
H3K4me3-DRX066802 wig H3K4me3-DRX066802 (DRX066802: WT_H3K4me3_B)
-   histone 3 lysine 4 dimethylation    
H3K4me2-DRX066756 wig H3K4me2-DRX066756 (DRX066756: WT_H3K4me2_1)
H3K4me2-DRX066771 wig H3K4me2-DRX066771 (DRX066771: WT_H3K4me2_2)
H3K4me2-DRX066786 wig H3K4me2-DRX066786 (DRX066786: WT_H3K4me2_A)
H3K4me2-DRX066801 wig H3K4me2-DRX066801 (DRX066801: WT_H3K4me2_B)
H3K4me2-SRX326931 wig H3K4me2-SRX326931 (SRX326931: Col H3K4m2 ChIP (replicate 1) A, B, C)
H3K4me2-SRX326939 wig H3K4me2-SRX326939 (SRX326939: Col H3K4m2 ChIP (replicate 2))
-   histone 3 lysine 4 monomethylation    
H3K4me1-SRX648277 wig H3K4me1-SRX648277 (SRX648277: Ath_buds_H3K4me1)
H3K4me1-SRX648278 wig H3K4me1-SRX648278 (SRX648278: Ath_leaf_H3K4me1_leaf)
H3K4me1-DRX066755 wig H3K4me1-DRX066755 (DRX066755: WT_H3K4me1_1)
H3K4me1-DRX066770 wig H3K4me1-DRX066770 (DRX066770: WT_H3K4me1_2)
H3K4me1-DRX066785 wig H3K4me1-DRX066785 (DRX066785: WT_H3K4me1_A)
H3K4me1-DRX066800 wig H3K4me1-DRX066800 (DRX066800: WT_H3K4me1_B)
-   histone 3 lysine 27 methylation    
H3K27me3-SRX853860 wig H3K27me3-SRX853860 (SRX853860: H3K27me3_Col)
H3K27me3-SRX648279 wig H3K27me3-SRX648279 (SRX648279: Ath_buds_H3K27me3)
H3K27me3-SRX905134 wig H3K27me3-SRX905134 (SRX905134: at-leaf-H3K27m3_1_replicate_1)
H3K27me3-SRX648274 wig H3K27me3-SRX648274 (SRX648274: Ath_leaf_H3K27me3)
H3K27me3-SRX1518743 wig H3K27me3-SRX1518743 (SRX1518743: A_thaliana_H3K27me3_chip)
H3K27me3-SRX346163 wig H3K27me3-SRX346163 (SRX346163: At_H3K27me3_rep2)
H3K27me3-SRX346162 wig H3K27me3-SRX346162 (SRX346162: At_H3K27me3_rep1)
H3K27me1-SRX905130 wig H3K27me1-SRX905130 (SRX905130: at-leaf-H3K27m1_2_replicate_1)
-   histone variant    
H3.3-SRX130301 wig H3.3-SRX130301 (SRX130301: H3.3 dividing rep1)
H3.3-SRX130302 wig H3.3-SRX130302 (SRX130302: H3.3 dividing rep2)
H3.3-SRX130309 wig H3.3-SRX130309 (SRX130309: H3.3 non-dividing rep1)
H3.3-SRX130310 wig H3.3-SRX130310 (SRX130310: H3.3 non-dividing rep2)
H3.3-SRX113875 wig H3.3-SRX113875 (SRX113875: HTR5 Myc ChIP-seq)
H3.1-SRX130303 wig H3.1-SRX130303 (SRX130303: H3.1 dividing rep1)
H3.1-SRX130304 wig H3.1-SRX130304 (SRX130304: H3.1 dividing rep2)
H3.1-SRX130311 wig H3.1-SRX130311 (SRX130311: H3.1 non-dividing rep1)
H3.1-SRX130312 wig H3.1-SRX130312 (SRX130312: H3.1 non-dividing rep2)
H3.1-SRX113876 wig H3.1-SRX113876 (SRX113876: HTR13 Myc ChIP-seq)
H2A.Z-SRX1436239 wig H2A.Z-SRX1436239 (SRX1436239: A_thaliana_H2A.Z_chip)
H2A.Z-SRX352376 wig H2A.Z-SRX352376 (SRX352376: WT_H2AZ_ChIP)
H2A.X-SRX352375 wig H2A.X-SRX352375 (SRX352375: WT_H2AX_ChIP)
H2A.W-SRX352374 wig H2A.W-SRX352374 (SRX352374: WT_H2AW_ChIP)
-   histone 3 lysine 9 methylation    
H3K9me1-SRX361945 wig H3K9me1-SRX361945 (SRX361945: WT_H3K9me1_LJ_ChIP)
H3K9me2-SRX361946 wig H3K9me2-SRX361946 (SRX361946: WT_H3K9me2_LJ_ChIP)
H3K9me2-SRX361927 wig H3K9me2-SRX361927 (SRX361927: WT_H3K9me2_ChIP)
H3K9me2-SRX1011321 wig H3K9me2-SRX1011321 (SRX1011321: WT_H3K9me2_ChIP_rep)
H3K9me2-SRX1518742 wig H3K9me2-SRX1518742 (SRX1518742: A_thaliana_H3K9me2_chip)
H3K9me2-SRX145429 wig H3K9me2-SRX145429 (SRX145429: Col ChIP H3K9me2)
H3K9me2-SRX905139 wig H3K9me2-SRX905139 (SRX905139: at-leaf-H3K9m2_1_replicate_1)
H3K9me2-SRX905140 wig H3K9me2-SRX905140 (SRX905140: at-leaf-H3K9m2_1_replicate_2)
H3K9me2-DRX066758 wig H3K9me2-DRX066758 (DRX066758: WT_H3K9me2_1)
H3K9me2-DRX066773 wig H3K9me2-DRX066773 (DRX066773: WT_H3K9me2_2)
H3K9me2-DRX066788 wig H3K9me2-DRX066788 (DRX066788: WT_H3K9me2_A)
H3K9me2-DRX066803 wig H3K9me2-DRX066803 (DRX066803: WT_H3K9me2_B)
H3K9me2-SRX1526953 wig H3K9me2-SRX1526953 (SRX1526953: H3K9me2_Col)
-   accessible DNA regions    
DH-normal_light_condition wig DH-normal_light_condition (in house: normal light conditon)
DH-extended_darkness wig DH-extended_darkness (in house: 3-day dark treatment)
DH-SRX111004 wig DH-SRX111004 (SRX111004: WT-seedling-replicate1-lane1)
DH-SRX111005 wig DH-SRX111005 (SRX111005: WT-seedling-replicate1-lane2)
DH-SRX111006 wig DH-SRX111006 (SRX111006: WT-seedling-replicate2-lane1)
DH-SRX111007 wig DH-SRX111007 (SRX111007: WT-flower-replicate1-lane1)
DH-SRX111008 wig DH-SRX111008 (SRX111008: WT-flower-replicate2-lane1)
DH-SRX391967 wig DH-SRX391967 (SRX391967: DS21094 SE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Control)
DH-SRX391968 wig DH-SRX391968 (SRX391968: DS21094 PE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Control)
DH-SRX391971 wig DH-SRX391971 (SRX391971: DS19992 SE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Control)
DH-SRX391959 wig DH-SRX391959 (SRX391959: DS20968 SE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Dark 24hr)
DH-SRX391960 wig DH-SRX391960 (SRX391960: DS20968 PE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Dark 24hr)
DH-SRX391961 wig DH-SRX391961 (SRX391961: DS22140 SE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Dark 30min light)
DH-SRX391962 wig DH-SRX391962 (SRX391962: DS22140 PE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Dark 30min light)
DH-SRX391963 wig DH-SRX391963 (SRX391963: DS20412 SE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Dark 3hr light)
DH-SRX391964 wig DH-SRX391964 (SRX391964: DS20412 PE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Dark 3hr light)
DH-SRX391966 wig DH-SRX391966 (SRX391966: DS22138 PE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Dar)
DH-SRX391965 wig DH-SRX391965 (SRX391965: DS22138 SE DNaseI-seq 7 day old seedling Dark)
DH-SRX1096551 wig DH-SRX1096551 (SRX1096551: DS21510 whole root 7 day)
DH-SRX391990 wig DH-SRX391990 (SRX391990: DS21511 DNaseI-seq whole root 7 day)
DH-SRX1096548 wig DH-SRX1096548 (SRX1096548: DS17498 root non hair cell 7 day)
DH-SRX391991 wig DH-SRX391991 (SRX391991: DS16398 DNaseI-seq root non hair cell 10 day)
DH-SRX1096549 wig DH-SRX1096549 (SRX1096549: DS17499 root non hair cell 10 day)
DH-SRX1096550 wig DH-SRX1096550 (SRX1096550: DS20694 root non hair cell 10 day)
DH-SRX391992 wig DH-SRX391992 (SRX391992: DS21513 DNaseI-seq root hair cell 7 day)
DH-SRX1098138 wig DH-SRX1098138 (SRX1098138: DS21512 rood hair cell 7 day)
DH-SRX1098137 wig DH-SRX1098137 (SRX1098137: DS19056 rood hair cell 7 day)
DH-SRX391994 wig DH-SRX391994 (SRX391994: DS20201 PE DNaseI-seq seed coat cell 4DPA)
DH-SRX391993 wig DH-SRX391993 (SRX391993: DS20201 SE DNaseI-seq seed coat cell 4DPA)
DH-SRX1098135 wig DH-SRX1098135 (SRX1098135: DS20131 seed coat cell (4 days past anthesis))
DH-SRX1098136 wig DH-SRX1098136 (SRX1098136: DS20132 seed coat cell (4 days past anthesis))
DH-SRX1098134 wig DH-SRX1098134 (SRX1098134: DS20134 seed coat cell (7 days past anthesis))
DH-SRX391995 wig DH-SRX391995 (SRX391995: DS21306 DNaseI-seq seed coat cell 7DPA)
DH-SRX391996 wig DH-SRX391996 (SRX391996: DS20427 DNaseI-seq open flowers)
DH-SRX391997 wig DH-SRX391997 (SRX391997: DS20434 DNaseI-seq up-open flowers)
ATAC-SRX2000801 wig ATAC-SRX2000801 (SRX2000801: Col-0_500_seedling_nuclei_FANS-ATAC-seq_rep1)
ATAC-SRX2000799 wig ATAC-SRX2000799 (SRX2000799: Col-0_50k_seedling_nuclei_FANS-ATAC-seq_rep1)
ATAC-SRX2528908 wig ATAC-SRX2528908 (SRX2528908: ATAC-seq of Arabidopsis thaliana: Col-0, 7-day-old seedling)
ATAC-SRX2000800 wig ATAC-SRX2000800 (SRX2000800: Col-0_50k_seedling_nuclei_FANS-ATAC-seq_rep2)
ATAC-SRX2000802 wig ATAC-SRX2000802 (SRX2000802: Col-0_500_seedling_nuclei_FANS-ATAC-seq_rep2)
ATAC-SRX2000806 wig ATAC-SRX2000806 (SRX2000806: Col-0_50k_crude_nuclei_FANS-ATAC-seq_rep2)
ATAC-SRX2000805 wig ATAC-SRX2000805 (SRX2000805: Col-0_50k_crude_nuclei_FANS-ATAC-seq_rep1)
ATAC-SRX2000803 wig ATAC-SRX2000803 (SRX2000803: Col-0_50k_root_nuclei_FANS-ATAC-seq_rep1)
ATAC-SRX2000804 wig ATAC-SRX2000804 (SRX2000804: Col-0_50k_root_nuclei_FANS-ATAC-seq_rep2)
-   chromatin associated factor    
CENH3-SRX2250913 wig CENH3-SRX2250913 (SRX2250913: AtCENH3_rep1)
CENH3-SRX2250914 wig CENH3-SRX2250914 (SRX2250914: AtCENH3_rep2)
LHP1-SRX1519404 wig LHP1-SRX1519404 (SRX1519404: LHP1 ChIPseq)
LHP1-SRX1550154 wig LHP1-SRX1550154 (SRX1550154: LHP1 ChIP Seq)
Pol2-SRX1142672 wig Pol2-SRX1142672 (SRX1142672: 30_Pol2ChIP_Col)
Pol2-SRX1772333 wig Pol2-SRX1772333 (SRX1772333: ChIP-seq Pol2)
AL5-SRX515067 wig AL5-SRX515067 (SRX515067: AL5_OE)
HDP2-SRX2310526 wig HDP2-SRX2310526 (SRX2310526: HDP2 IP rep2)
HDP2-SRX2310525 wig HDP2-SRX2310525 (SRX2310525: HDP2 IP rep1)
SDG8-SRX749018 wig SDG8-SRX749018 (SRX749018: hSDG8 anti-HA ChIP-seq)
REF6-SRX853858 wig REF6-SRX853858 (SRX853858: HA_REF6-HA)
JMJ14-SRX669383 wig JMJ14-SRX669383 (SRX669383: ZC_3_140207 JMJ14-HA)
AtDEK3-SRX488722 wig AtDEK3-SRX488722 (SRX488722: AtDEK3 OE3-1)
PolIV-SRX252954 wig PolIV-SRX252954 (SRX252954: PolIV ChIP)
PolIV-SRX252956 wig PolIV-SRX252956 (SRX252956: PolIV ChIP replicate 2)
NRPE1-SRX159106 wig NRPE1-SRX159106 (SRX159106: NRPE1 ChIP)
NRPE1-SRX159108 wig NRPE1-SRX159108 (SRX159108: NRPE1 ChIP replicate 2)
NRPE1-SRX156079 wig NRPE1-SRX156079 (SRX156079: Col-0 PolV-ChIP-Seq)
MORC1-SRX1161363 wig MORC1-SRX1161363 (SRX1161358: ChIP_morc1/2_Mock_rep3)
MORC1-SRX1161362 wig MORC1-SRX1161362 (SRX1161359: ChIP_morc1/2_Mock_rep2)
MORC1-SRX1161361 wig MORC1-SRX1161361 (SRX1161360: ChIP_morc1/2_Mock_rep1)
HYL1-SRX1268024 wig HYL1-SRX1268024 (SRX1268024: Col_HYL1_IP_seq)
AN3-SRX212080 wig AN3-SRX212080 (SRX212080: Chipseq AN3 HB TAP)
MBD7-SRX621716 wig MBD7-SRX621716 (SRX621716: MBD7-5-Myc-ChIP-rep1)
MBD7-SRX621717 wig MBD7-SRX621717 (SRX621717: MBD7-5-Myc-ChIP-rep2)
CMT3-SRX157663 wig CMT3-SRX157663 (SRX157663: CMT3_ChIPseq)
IBM1-DRX066817 wig IBM1-DRX066817 (DRX066817: HA-IBM1_2)
-   transcription factor    
E2Fa-SRX333416 wig E2Fa-SRX333416 (SRX333416: E2Fa-HBH TChAP output, replicate 2)
E2Fa-SRX174084 wig E2Fa-SRX174084 (SRX174084: E2Fa-HBH TChAP output, replicate 1)
PIF3-SRX159028 wig PIF3-SRX159028 (SRX159028: P3M-ChIP-3)
PIF3-SRX159027 wig PIF3-SRX159027 (SRX159027: P3M-ChIP-2)
PIF3-SRX159029 wig PIF3-SRX159029 (SRX159029: P3M-ChIP-4)
PIF4-SRX214150 wig PIF4-SRX214150 (SRX214150: PIF4-peaks-3)
PIF4-SRX1005830 wig PIF4-SRX1005830 (SRX1005830: ChIPSeq-PIF4_FLAG_Rep1)
PIF4-SRX1005831 wig PIF4-SRX1005831 (SRX1005831: ChIPSeq-PIF4_FLAG_Rep2)
PIF4-SRX1005832 wig PIF4-SRX1005832 (SRX1005832: ChIPSeq-PIF4_FLAG_Rep3)
PIF5-SRX115869 wig PIF5-SRX115869 (SRX115869: PIF5ox shade ChIPSeq)
PIF5-SRX1495297 wig PIF5-SRX1495297 (SRX1495297: ChIPSeq-PIF5_FLAG_Rep1)
PHYB-SRX2083648 wig PHYB-SRX2083648 (SRX2083648: ChIP-Seq of Arabidopsis thaliana: genotype - PHYB:PHYB-FLAG, time - 10, temp - 17C)
PhyA-SRX320094 wig PhyA-SRX320094 (SRX320094: PhyA-GFP_1 [ChIP-seq])
PhyA-SRX320095 wig PhyA-SRX320095 (SRX320095: PhyA-GFP_2 [ChIP-seq])
CRY2-SRX1005826 wig CRY2-SRX1005826 (SRX1005826: ChIPSeq-CRY2_FLAG_Rep1)
HY5-SRX727353 wig HY5-SRX727353 (SRX727353: HY5 specific gDB-seq)
FHY1-SRX555090 wig FHY1-SRX555090 (SRX555090: FHY1-GFP_2_ChIP-seq)
FHY1-SRX555091 wig FHY1-SRX555091 (SRX555091: FHY1-GFP_3_ChIP-seq)
FRS12-ERX611626 wig FRS12-ERX611626 (ERX611626: FRS12_HBH_N2)
FRS12-ERX611622 wig FRS12-ERX611622 (ERX611622: FRS12_HBH_N1)
PRR5-SRX128177 wig PRR5-SRX128177 (SRX128177: PRR5-ChIP)
CCA1-SRX997425 wig CCA1-SRX997425 (SRX997425: CCA1-ChIP_Illumina)
CCA1-SRX997424 wig CCA1-SRX997424 (SRX997424: CCA1-ChIP_IonPGM)
PRR7-SRX328353 wig PRR7-SRX328353 (SRX328353: prr7-3 PRR7::HA-PRR7 #151 IP (ExpII))
TOC1-SRX121040 wig TOC1-SRX121040 (SRX121040: TOC1_ChIPSeq)
SOC1-SRX262132 wig SOC1-SRX262132 (SRX262132: gSOC1-GFP replicate 3)
SOC1-SRX262130 wig SOC1-SRX262130 (SRX262130: gSOC1-GFP replicate 2)
LFY-SRX029442 wig LFY-SRX029442 (SRX029442: lfy-samp-rep2)
LFY-SRX814176 wig LFY-SRX814176 (SRX814176: p35S:LFY, rep1)
LFY-SRX814177 wig LFY-SRX814177 (SRX814177: p35S:LFY, rep2)
AP2-SRX019319 wig AP2-SRX019319 (SRX019319: ap2_chip_rep2)
AP2-SRX019318 wig AP2-SRX019318 (SRX019318: ap2_chip_rep1)
AP3-SRX150808 wig AP3-SRX150808 (SRX150808: AP3-GFP (AP1-GR ap1 cal) ChIPseq)
AP1-SRX018392 wig AP1-SRX018392 (SRX018392: AP1-GR_2h_induced_sample_1)
AP1-SRX018393 wig AP1-SRX018393 (SRX018393: AP1-GR_2h_induced_sample_2)
PI-SRX150807 wig PI-SRX150807 (SRX150807: PI-GFP (AP1-GR ap1 cal) ChIPseq)
FLC-SRX039006 wig FLC-SRX039006 (SRX039006: FLC binding regions in wild type Col FRI)
RPL-SRX1603698 wig RPL-SRX1603698 (SRX1603698: RPL-GFP_chipseq_rep1)
KAN1-SRX310193 wig KAN1-SRX310193 (SRX310193: KAN1-FLAG replicate 1)
KAN1-SRX310195 wig KAN1-SRX310195 (SRX310195: KAN1-FLAG replicate 2)
PPD2-ERX620625 wig PPD2-ERX620625 (ERX620625: PPD2_HBH)
SPCH-SRX539638 wig SPCH-SRX539638 (SRX539638: SPCH ChIP-Seq)
ARR10-SRX732967 wig ARR10-SRX732967 (SRX732967: ARR10_Exp1_Rep1_IP)
ARR10-SRX733461 wig ARR10-SRX733461 (SRX733461: ARR10_Exp1_Rep2_IP)
ARF6-SRX368984 wig ARF6-SRX368984 (SRX368984: ARF6 ChIP-Seq)
RGA-SRX647775 wig RGA-SRX647775 (SRX647775: RGA_ChIP2)
RGA-SRX647776 wig RGA-SRX647776 (SRX647776: RGA_ChIP3)
RGA-SRX647774 wig RGA-SRX647774 (SRX647774: RGA_ChIP1)
HBI1-SRX388754 wig HBI1-SRX388754 (SRX388754: pHBI1::HBI1-YFP)
ABI5-SRX670505 wig ABI5-SRX670505 (SRX670505: ChIPSeq-ABI5_Ab)
ABI5-SRX670509 wig ABI5-SRX670509 (SRX670509: ChIPSeq-ABI5_Ypet_2)
EIN3-SRX215430 wig EIN3-SRX215430 (SRX215430: Col-0 3-day etiolated seedlings, no ethylene treatment, EIN3 ChIP-Seq biological replicate 1)
ERF115-SRX320167 wig ERF115-SRX320167 (SRX320167: ERF115-HBH ChIP output)
WRKY18-SRX2039032 wig WRKY18-SRX2039032 (SRX2039032: W18HA_0h_2 (ChIP-Seq))
WRKY18-SRX2039024 wig WRKY18-SRX2039024 (SRX2039024: W18HA_0h_1 (ChIP-Seq))
WRKY33-SRX890383 wig WRKY33-SRX890383 (SRX890383: WK33-HA mock 14h rep1)
WRKY33-SRX890384 wig WRKY33-SRX890384 (SRX890384: WK33-HA mock 14h rep2)
WRKY33-SRX2039022 wig WRKY33-SRX2039022 (SRX2039022: W33HA_0h_1 (ChIP-Seq))
WRKY33-SRX2039030 wig WRKY33-SRX2039030 (SRX2039030: W33HA_0h_2 (ChIP-Seq))
WRKY40-SRX2039026 wig WRKY40-SRX2039026 (SRX2039026: W40HA_0h_1 (ChIP-Seq))
WRKY40-SRX2039034 wig WRKY40-SRX2039034 (SRX2039034: W40HA_0h_2 (ChIP-Seq))
SPL7-SRX250135 wig SPL7-SRX250135 (SRX250135: FLAG-SPL7 ChIP-seq)